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It's time to celebrate!

Welcome to Exertis EXPO 2024! We are very pleased to present this year's Exertis EXPO in Sweden, which this year celebrates its 20th anniversary! On October 17, the doors to Eriksbergshallen in Gothenburg will open once again.

Those of you who have attended before know that this is more than just a traditional trade show - it's the most exciting industry event of the year! For those of you who have not experienced it before, Exertis EXPO is a well known event in IT, Pro AV, and Security. Since 2004, it has been the go-to meeting spot for suppliers and retailers, attracting over 800 visitors. It’s a fantastic chance to connect, meet new people, learn from others in the industry and marvel at the latest news from our leading suppliers.

Join us and be part of one of the Nordic region's largest events for IT, Pro AV and Security.

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About Exertis EXPO
At Exertis EXPO you will find products from all categories within IT and Pro AV. PCs, components and accessories, large monitors, monitors, projectors, Digital Signage, security and storage services, Smart Homes, games, toys and news from our fast-growing area of Education. Here we offer for example devices such as Chromebooks and PCs, physical protection and cases for the devices, as well as lots of educational products that make technology in school exciting and fun.

There is something for everyone at Exertis EXPO, whether you work in the private or public sector, with small, medium or large companies. You will find everything you are looking for with us!

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Pictures from EXPO 2023 in Gothenburg

Areas at the EXPO

Exertis | IT


As the largest PC builder in the Nordics and one of the largest distributors of IT, we display a wide range of PCs, PC components, notebooks, servers, networks, services and accessories. Our Education area is growing fast and today we are the largest distributor in the Nordics of Edu-tech products for schools and preschools. Another focus area is ”Smart Home” that makes your living space more comfortable, more convenient, and more secure. A connected home is the future - and we are ready for it.

Exertis | Pro AV

Pro AV

Exertis is the leading Pro AV distributor in the Nordic market, as well as globally. We are experts in Digital Signage and can help you with everything in the digital meeting through a unique combination of the industry's leading suppliers together with a deep knowledge of both the market and the products.

Exertis | Security


Our latest product area is Security, where we offer surveillance solutions for most industries. We are a complete CCTV supplier and one of the Nordic region’s leading distributors in professional camera surveillance. We offer mobile applications for, among other things, emergency vehicles, trains, airports and logistics centers, fire detection and much more.


After EXPO – Exertis EXPO 20th anniversary!  

The fair doesn't end when the exhibition halls fall silent. Welcome to After EXPO, where the energy continues into the night with a nostalgic 90s theme!

Join us for an evening filled with 90s-inspired entertainment, music, and the chance to indulge in delicious food and drinks. It's a time to relax, let the day's experiences settle in, and make new connections. Often, it's here at After EXPO where the most promising business ideas of the future take shape.

Dust off your best 90s dance moves and let’s make it a night to remember!

Feedback from EXPO 2023 

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