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Exertis EXPO 2023 - NOVEMBER 9th

This year’s big event is coming up – Exertis EXPO!
We create the best business together with our suppliers and customers. Our partners are the most important thing in achieving joint success - if you feel good, we feel good - and at the fair there is a chance for all parties to shine! So let's create magic together and lift each other to greater heights!

Are you with us?

Book November 9th and we'll see you at Eriksbergshallen again!
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Pictures from Exertis EXPO 2022 in Gothenburg


At Exertis EXPO you will find products from all categories within IT and Pro AV. PCs, components and accessories, large monitors, monitors, projectors, Digital Signage, security and storage services, Smart Homes, games, toys and news from our fast-growing area of Education. Here we offer for example devices such as Chromebooks and PCs, physical protection and cases for the devices, as well as lots of educational products that make technology in school exciting and fun. There is something for everyone at Exertis EXPO, whether you work in the private or public sector, with small, medium or large companies. You will find everything you are looking for with us!


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Exertis is one of the largest distributors in IT and has a wide range of PCs, PC components, notebooks, servers, networks, services and accessories. We also have PC production in-house and are still very happy to be among the best in the Nordics at building PCs.

Pro AV

Pro AV Exertis is the leading Pro AV distributor in the Nordic market, as well as globally. We are experts in Digital Signage and can help you with everything in the digital meeting through a unique combination of the industry’s leading suppliers together with a deep knowledge of both the market and the products.


Our latest product area is Security, where we offer surveillance solutions for most industries. We are a complete CCTV supplier and one of the Nordic region’s leading distributors in professional camera surveillance. We offer mobile applications for, among other things, emergency vehicles, trains, airports and logistics centers, fire detection and much more.

The future is being created now, and we are part of it!

In line with Exertis Nordic's sustainability work, we place great focus on creating as sustainable an EXPO as possible. Sustainable development is development that meets today's needs without jeopardizing future generations' ability to meet their needs.

To help us follow the UN's global goals for sustainable development, we use Greentime, a planning tool that guides us on the right path with concrete questions, structure and support.

What is sustainability for us in the industry?

Our focus on "Sustainable Business" is that we strive to use our resources more efficiently. We want to improve the competitiveness of you, our partners, and strengthen your businesses, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Together with you, we want to see each offer from a sustainable perspective, to find new business opportunities and new customer segments. We want to open your business for a more sustainable profit, for your company as well as your employees and the society in which we live.

To help us make Exertis EXPO and our other events sustainable, we use the Greentime tool, a planning tool that, with concrete questions, structure and support, makes it easy for us to follow the UN's global goals for sustainable development. We make clear demands on our suppliers and we strive to reduce the environmental impact of our event to ensure that we are responsible organizers who do what we can to stop the most harmful effects of global climate change.

We are all a small part of the problem, but we can all be part of the solution too. The first step is to look at our own impact and what we can change in our lives to create a better future.

Every year we invite you to an exciting and inspiring seminar during the EXPO day.

Read more about this year's speakers below

Seminar 14:00
The Panel - EXPO Supreme Partners

We are proud to introduce our Supreme Partners for this year – ASUS, LG, NVIDIA, Yealink and BenQ. This panel, consisting of five leading companies, will share their insights and visions in three crucial areas: Sustainability , the panel will discuss how their companies actively work to reduce their environmental impact and share their strategies for promoting diversity and equality within their organizations and the industry. The reseller Business , discussion about the evolving landscape of the reseller business, what do they do to support the reseller channel, share success factors and advice to the resellers in the market. Artificial Intelligence (AI)/, let´s explore whether they view AI as a threat or an opportunity and how they use AI to enhance products and services.

Don't miss this unique opportunity to hear from leading companies and their insightful thoughts on these topics. Join moderator Petter Damre, Exertis Commercial Manager Pro AV and Exertis Communication & Sustainability Director, Mats Roosemark as these companies share their insights and experiences in shaping the future world. We look forward to seeing you there!

Seminar 16:00
Eirik Norman Hansen - The future is fantastic!

Eirik Norman Hansen is a true technology optimist who looks forward to the future and all its possibilities. He will be at our EXPO to offer a talk that with inspiration and humor will give you a picture of how technology affects us people, organizations and the society we live in. Hopefully you see the future as bright as Eirik after listening to his considerations!

Eirik Norman Hansen is an economist and for over 20 years he has worked with digitization to understand what technology means to us and how we can use it in the best possible way. He has led and been part of some of Norway's and the Nordic region's largest digital and technology companies. The lecture is in Swedish/Norwegian.

Supreme Partners 2023

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